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SLAB: The travel wallet that carries cash, credit cards, and SIM cards discreetly. Slim design, RFID protection. It's literally magic.

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Wrong wallets quick update
over 6 years ago – Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 04:04:05 PM

Hello dear backers.

As I mentioned before, my fulfillment people sent quite a few of you wrong wallets. At this point I can't respond to your requests or send replacement since all wallets has been dispatched.

Please send model of the wallet you want to receive and I will try to manufacture exact quantity to replace wrong ones.

Thank you.

Quick update. Ti refunds and wrong rewards
over 6 years ago – Wed, Dec 09, 2015 at 07:05:02 PM

Hello backers. 

This is a quick update. While I am dealing with family and work related issue I outsourced all fulfilling jobs to a local small company.

It came to my attention that some rewards sent are wrong kind of wallets. 

Let's leave finger pointing for now. I, once again trusted wrong people. 

All rewards has been dispatched. Titanium refunds will be paid before holidays.

Make sure I have your PayPal address for refunds.

For all of you with wrong rewards, I will make a list and try to figure something out once I have at least a bit of personal time which should be during Christmass break.

Once again, thank you ofr all your support. I know that there's a lot of you who are disappointed, I will try to fix it. In the end of the day, I am doing my best and following all kickstarter rules.


Titanium wallet update: Refund schedule
almost 7 years ago – Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 08:16:36 AM

Hello dear backers.

As you know most wallets are being dispatched except for the Euro wallets with credit card plate. Factory promised to send it this week. So if you didn't receive your Aluminum wallet, you will soon.

Now the bad news. The local factory that was manufacturing Titanium wallets did everything wrong possible justifying it as a small insignificant order that they lost track of. So instead of making 30 wallets as per order, they made 30 plates (10 wallets). After initial quote of 100 per wallet, it came to my surprise that it's 100$ per plate. An that doesn't include titanium itself, assembly and packaging.

So my cost of 1 wallet is over 300$. As you can imagine, we didn't agree on future production and I was left with a DIY kit for 10 wallets.

So only Founders and first the 3 orders were fulfilled. No other titanium wallet be manufactured. 

For those of you who pledged for the Ti edition I offer you 2 choices. 

1. I can send you 2 Aluminum wallets of your choice and a Slab mini. 

2. I will be refunding you once I gain revenue from selling aluminum wallets and a piece of my paycheck.  In these situations please contact me and we will set up a plan to pay you back.

I understand that many of you are disappointed, but I just couldn't find another company that will mill titanium for a reasonable price and that is why I couldn't update you earlier. I even tried some Asian manufacturers but price is still too high to proceed with that route.

Thank you for your patience and support. 


More wallets have arrived.
almost 7 years ago – Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 06:24:19 PM

"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong."

- Murphy's Law

Hello dear backers,

Once again, I couldn't ask for better, more supportive people like you guys. It's been a very bumpy road and all my careful calculations and preparations didn't work as planned. Now, back to important stuff.

3 boxes had been sent my way. 1 with silver American wallets (Yay!!!), 1 with silver Euro wallets, and 1 with silver Slab Minis.

2 boxes, however, were received. Only Amero wallets and Slab Minis. 1 box mystically disappeared. The sender investigates the issue as we speak. 

silver batch
silver batch

We already started shipping this week. Look in your mailbox soon.

For my backers with Euro wallets, you can either opt for a black or silver American Wallet, and as a thank you for your wait, I will give you a free Slab Mini, or wait until I find the lost box. 

Thank you for all your help and support.


First batch is here
about 7 years ago – Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 06:16:47 PM

Hello Backers.

I got some news. First batch of wallets arrived. To my surprise it wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it's better than nothing.

I received 70 black SLABs with SIM holder plate and 70 black SLABs with credit card plate. All wallets are Amero size.

No parts or packaging arrived in this batch for Titanium wallets. I apologize for delay. Factory promised to send it first thing after TET (lunar new year).


I previously had an arrangement with fulfillment company to ship wallets, however because I don't have enough volume at the moment I will have to ship them myself. I will start shipping them this weekend.

Once again I am very sorry that some of you still have to wait. But it's a start and everything should go well from now on.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Have a great weekend.